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pdf Engaging the community handbook Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 47: Australian case studies of LNAPL NSZD rates Popular

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Download (pdf, 22.68 MB)


pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 46: The role of natural source zone depletion in the management of light non-aqueous hase liquid (LNAPL) contaminated sites Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 45: Societal perceptions on remediation technologies: guidance for engagement with residents Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 44: Technical measurement guidance for LNAPL natural source zone depletion Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 40: Weathered Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Silica Gel Clean-up) Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 39: Risk-based guidance for benzo(a)pyrene Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 37: Guidance for Flux-based Criteria for Management of Groundwater Contamination Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 36: Risk-based guidance for MTBE Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 35: Value-based land remediation: Decision-making for contaminated land Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 34: A practitioner’s guide for the analysis, management and remediation of LNAPL Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 31: Flux-based Management of Groundwater Contamination Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 30: Landfill Futures, A state and Futures Review of Landfill in Australia Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 26: Phosphorus management in soils using coal combustion products Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 25: A framework for selecting, designing and implementing a permeable reactive barrier system Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 23: Petroleum hydrocarbon vapour intrusion assessment - Australian guidance Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 21: Sampling strategies for biological assessment of groundwater ecosystems Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 20: Guidance document for the revegetation of land contaminated by metal(loid)s Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 18: Selecting and assessing strategies for remediating LNAPL in soils and aquifers Popular

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pdf CRC CARE Technical Report 16.2: Safe on-site retention of contaminants. Part 2: A risk-based approach Popular

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